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Our Team

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Michael Reed


Michael began working in IT support well before he even thought of owning a business. As far back as high school, he was building PCs and installing RAM upgrades for friends and family as a hobby. Eventually, he realized that he could monetize his passions and began forming the framework of what would become Custom Computer Company. He worked as a freelance consultant from 2013 through 2015, before officially filing as an LLC in 2016.

The service, which had been remote up until this point needed a storefront and in January of 2017 Custom Computer Company opened its doors for the first time on Second St in downtown Niles. Regrettably, that location proved to be more detrimental than anticipated as it was rocked with the historic flood that left the company out nearly $250k in damages. For most, this would have been a business ending obstacle, but through the immense support from family and the community, the business opened again 4 months later. 

Since then, Michael has relocated the storefront uphill on 3rd St and expanded the business to provide the full suite of IT support. From beginning to end, we have designed, installed, and managed all variety of devices and networks. There are very few services that Custom Computer Company cannot provide.

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Aaron Dibble

Service Manager

Aaron began working with Custom Computer Company after 15 years of restaurant management. In his time in the hospitality industry, he earned his Associates Degree in Business Management which he was able to successfully apply in his transition to the world of IT.


Starting off as the office manager, Aaron’s responsibilities quickly grew to include assisting in scheduling, sales, and marketing projects. His rapport with customers rapidly distinguished him as the liaison between the customers and the other service technicians, as his charismatic and empathetic approach to customers set the standard for the rest of the staff in their interactions. Unquestioningly he was promoted to Customer Service Representative and once again to the Service Manager which further expanded his responsibilities to include all front of house interactions.


Presently, in conjunction with the other service technicians, Aaron now oversees all of the scheduling for service calls, quotes, and business meetings. He also manages contracts with our clients and coordinates with the sales and marketing team to put in place promotional campaigns.​

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Brandon Bielski

Lead Technician

As the very first employee, Brandon has been with Custom Computer Company since preconception. He originally worked with the owner, Michael, before the company even officially became an LLC. While originally Brandon managed the office, he took the initiative to pursue certifications relevant to the field and quickly obtained his Comp TIA A+ Certificate. CompTIA A+ is the only industry recognized credential with performance testing to prove that the professionals can think on their feet and perform critical IT support tasks and, to that end, Brandon performed exceptionally.

Now, Brandon is the Lead Technician and oversees the majority of the company’s clients’ needs. From creating and managing VPNs to configuring servers and networks, the list of his responsibilities is extensive. He has set up VoIP phone systems, designed and installed surveillance equipment, recorded and edited audio, and even installed and trained clients on the proper use of third-party software. More recently, he has gone as far as mapping and directing low voltage runs for new building construction, in addition to obtaining his Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) certification. There isn’t much that Brandon does not, or cannot, do.

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Mason Ehas

IT Technician

Starting out as a repair tech, Mason worked with the company for just over a year and departed briefly to work elsewhere. There he provisioned devices for exclusive networks before returning to Custom Computer Company for another brief period of time. Unfortunately, at that moment in our history, the company was still relatively new and was recovering from the financial disaster caused by the historic flood that damaged half of downtown Niles. Because of this, the company lacked the resources to sustain the value of work provided by Mason and he ended up pursuing an offer elsewhere. Luckily, you are reading this now, which means we were able to convince him to return a second (and hopefully final) time.


Shortly after his return, Mason also obtained his Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) certification and began setting up and managing the Network and Servers for one of our larger clients; a job that keeps him busy well into overtime. In addition to overseeing his own personal clients, he assists in the day-to-day service requests as they are scheduled by our Service Manager.

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Tyler Thompson

IT Technician

Our newest technician grew up in South Bend on a dairy farm. With a lifelong passion for technology, Tyler's curiosity led him to dismantle electronics as a child to understand their inner workings.

After graduating from South Bend New Tech in 2016, Tyler embarked on a diverse professional journey, gaining valuable experience in radio broadcasting, factory operations, and geotechnical construction.

Joining Custom Computer Company in 2024, Tyler has found his niche in network cable installation projects. Eager to deepen his expertise in the IT realm, he is committed to acquiring hands-on experience with help from the team to contribute to our company's growth.

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Colin Christensen

Customer Service & Backend Monitoring Technician

Colin, a Southern California native, has called Indiana home for the majority of his life. In 2020, he pursued IT studies in the field of Informatics, laying a strong foundation for his career.

With a wealth of experience in customer service, Colin brings valuable knowledge and expertise to his role here at Custom Computer Company. Known for his strong organizational skills, proficiency with data, and quick thinking, he is dedicated to assisting customers to the fullest. Colin will be in the office, helping to organize the shop, inputting customer tickets, answering phone calls, and monitoring our backend anti-virus protection system.

Outside of work, Colin indulges in a variety of games and is an avid reader. From a young age, he always had aspirations of becoming a novelist.

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Monica Schrader

Social Media Director

From serving the community as Miss Niles in 2013, Monica went on to graduate from Southwestern Michigan College in 2014 with a degree in Fine Arts. From there, she refined her secretarial and personal assistant skills in the workforce, while still perusing her love of painting and photography. 


With a passion for both family and design, she joined Custom Computer Company in 2023 as the Web Design and Social Media Manager, seeking a balance between career and motherhood. Her dedication to artistic expression and commitment to excellence has enhanced Custom Computer Company's design realm. 


Since then, she has managed the websites of pre-existing and incoming clients as well as developing social media strategies for Custom Computer Company.

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