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Dive Into the New Age of Information Technology

Our Services

Networking Solutions

Our networking capabilities cover a broad range of start-to-finish services. As you would expect, we service wired and Wi-Fi access points, database systems, server racks, and network servers. We even have experience drafting and installing low voltage cable runs for new and existing construction projects.

Whether its planning, installing, or managing these services, you can expect your whole IT infrastructure to perform to its greatest capacity.

Video Surveillance Systems

Residential and commercial video surveillance is a growing requirement in today’s society.  We make sure that you’re provided with the best platforms that are designed for multiple camera deployments. Observe, record, and protect what’s most important to you 24hrs a day, every day.

VoIP Phone and Conferencing  |

RingCentral CSP.png

We partner with RingCentral to offer you the 2021 Overall Video Conferencing Solution of the Year. RingCentral is more than a business phone service, it seamlessly combines messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls into one unified platform.

  • Our cloud-based voice over IP (VoIP) service allows you to utilize reliable, high-quality phone service anywhere you have internet access.

  • Talk, manage tasks, share files, and collaborate in real-time with built-in messaging software.

  • Host, join, and engage in dynamic online video meetings from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, and experience unique collaboration tools including live transcription and digital whiteboards to get the most out of your meetings.

Antivirus & Web Security

Having computer protection is nothing new, but what most antivirus programs lack is a human eye. Due to the nature of coding, there are threats that antivirus programs cannot detect. However, with our antivirus monitoring and remote assistance service, you can bridge the gap that technology fails to meet by adding the trained eyes of our technicians. Ensure your computer’s security by enrolling today!

Hardware Repair

As a company, we started small offering repair and upgrades for residential computers. Now, we have the resources to offer more in-depth coverage of those same core services, as well as some preventive measures to keep your computers safe. For instance, we can help you recover accidental data loss or set up scheduled data transfers and backups. We can replace obsolete computer parts or we can build you one from scratch; our services are limited only to your needs!

Audio Solutions

We offer a full suite of audio solutions: sound system installs, audio recording and editing, and even full streaming system setups. While installing sounds systems can be relatively simple, in a pre-digital world, audio recording and editing was difficult. Moreover, even with modern technology it can still be quite the task. However, we can take the bulk of those concerns out of your hands and record and edit those clips for you, or help you set up a recording/streaming booth to do it yourself.

Web Design & Email Hosting

In the digital age of social media, a certifiable web presence is a must have for any business. However, the process of creating a site can be daunting. Luckily, there are tools in place to make creating and managing your site much easier than it was a few years ago! Because of this, we can now optimize your personal webspace to be managed by you and your staff, so that your connection to the social network flourishes.

Computer Chip

We Integrate With Your Systems

Customized Service



Custom Computer Company is here to make your lives easier in all ways IT. If there is a technological service that you are struggling with and it is not listed above, give us a call and see if we can help you figure it out!


As your local MSP, we are always developing and always learning the new and evolving services that our community needs.

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