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Welcome To C₄!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

CCC's first post! In this blog, we will cover a variety of topics, including content important to the tech world and a little something extra for those gamers out there!


Welcome to CCC's Corner (C₄), Custom Computer Company's personal blog. This is our first blog post! Here you will get a mix of self-help practices, technological trends, and (as one may expect with any nerdy blog forum) video game insight. Going forward we plan on expanding content in these main areas with the occasional offshoot to some other niche area of expertise.

What content is most useful for our customer base? What content would we be enthusiastic about? Is there a new audience we could reach using these posts?

When considering opening a blog, we had several questions in mind that we had to address. By narrowing down the time we have to work on content and the information we would like to provide, we had to set clear parameters for ourselves to preserve our productivity. Therefore, as we were considering what to publish in these threads, we had to ask ourselves, “What content is most useful for our customer base? What content would we be enthusiastic about? Is there a new audience we could reach using these posts?” Accordingly, we decided to stick to bi-weekly or monthly posts in the three previous topics: Self-help practices, Technological Trends, and Gaming Insight.

Why "Self-Help" Content?

In running a successful IT business in our area for the last 6 years, we often get a lot of repetitive encounters. Encounters which can be solved pretty simply, even without extensive knowledge of computers. While we have no problem solving these issues for our customers, we would rather they employ some self-help practices to save themselves some money.

Of course, we will always be here for customers who find certain tasks confusing and frustrating; but our goal is first and foremost customer satisfaction. And it is hard for us to justify charging anyone who is capable of solving their own issues with a little bit of guidance.

What Can We Expect from The Techs?

As experts in our field, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest and greatest trends in the industry. One of the best ways to do this is through subscriptions to tech blogs and newsletters from other trusted sources and creators. Naturally, as the idea was passed around for creating our own content, we agreed that it would be beneficial to share our findings with you as we do our research. That way, as we keep up with what is relevant, we can also share our opinions, reactions, and predictions of how the technology will affect our customer base.

In addition to being tech nerds, we are also avid gamers. And although we all appreciate the mainstream games, we also follow the development of games that go under the radar of the typical hype train. Therefore, we wanted to use this space to share our opinions and reactions to these unsung works that seem great, but don’t get quite as much coverage.

Which content are you looking forward to the most?

  • Self-Help Content

  • Technology Insider Information

  • Video Game Insight


Bookmark our blog, follow our tags (#ITSupport #Technology #Gaming), and check in with us to see what the world of IT has to offer you!

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