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Simple Fix = Best Fix?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Ever call to get your computer fixed and they ask if you turned your computer off and on again? Ever wonder why the ongoing joke for fixing hardware is restarting it? You may be surprised how simple solutions can actually be!


Simple solutions are often the most effective. That is why people continue to use them. When I start to feel ill or a headache coming on; the first thing I do is sleep. Why? Because it is the simplest solution. It’s also free, and easy to do. When I wake up, if I’m still feeling under the weather, I start thinking of bigger #solutions; doctors visit, medication, ER, etc. The same process can be applied to an electronic issue.

“Is it plugged in?” is the first question you should ask.

Start simple and small on your solutions first. “Is it plugged in?” is the first question you should ask. Many times, things are jostled or readjusted and in doing so something becomes #unplugged. Taking a peek at this can save you an embarrassing and expensive service call. If everything is plugged in and secure, that is when you go in the opposite direction and try unplugging the devices.

Disconnect the device from power (even popping out the battery if it’s a laptop) and wait about 15 mins before plugging it back in. I also highly encourage pressing the power button (if applicable) while it is unplugged to help disperse #power. Once you plug it back in turn it on and give it a while longer than you normally do when turning it on. These are two small steps that seem laughable. Even reading them now, you think to yourself, “Come on…” But in our experience, a sizeable portion of our residential calls could be solved by this process.

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The last step we recommend is… reading. This sounds unhelpful, but what I mean by this is you have to read the errors or messages that are causing your problems. The issue you’re having may not be as bad as you think.

Read the errors and see if there are directions on them for what caused it or how to fix it. While I am never advocating for allowing your electronics to do whatever, I am saying maybe when it has asked you to update every day for the last two months… Do it. Or the #error that pops up saying your charger isn’t the right voltage, but you have seen it so many times you click through it without reading… maybe it’s time to take notice.

Don’t be surprised if they start with the same steps that you’ve already tried. This validates your process!

Of course, if you have tried these things and it is still not working, then now may be the time to call a professional. And there is also no shame in that. People invest their time in different professions and passions; if computers are not your strong suit, that is okay. Call a professional, ask questions and get help. When they do show up let them know what you tried and don’t be surprised if they start with the same steps you’ve already tried. This validates your process! But I guarantee that if you do not do the simple stuff first you will end up kicking yourself for it.


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