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IoT, All Around Us

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

IoT may not be a term you’re familiar with, but it has already undoubtedly affected your life. Everything we do, from travel to home security to exercise, IoT impacts it all. But what exactly is IoT and what does it mean for users?


IoT stands for Internet of Things, and it refers to the connectivity of devices. In simple terms IoT is the connection between any two or more devices that can access the internet. Only, that leaves out a lot of behind-the-scenes processing. Not only are these devices connected, but they are also sharing #analytics across multiple applications all built to address a multitude of issues that their users might face.

Lucky for you, all of these IoT devices are things that we manage as an IT Company.

You have probably seen this yourself without even realizing it. Your remote alarm systems, smart thermostats, and devices like Fitbit that track your health and fitness from your wristwatch are all a part of the IoT network. Any device that has Wi-Fi and #internet connectivity built in can be a part of this network. Lucky for you, all of these IoT devices are things that we manage or assist with as an IT Company.

What Is The Benefit?

Take for example this scenario:

Your alarm is set on your phone, which is connected to the internet. 
Your route to work takes you 30 minutes to drive. 
The vehicles on that route are also connected to the internet. 
There is an accident on your route and the closest redirect takes you through rural backroads with poor roads and multiple stop signs.
This reroute is going to take you 20 more minutes to get to work.

With high functioning IoT, the connected cars traveling down your original route will ping that there has been a road closure, which notifies your phone that there will be a delay, which then notifies you before your alarm is even set to go off! The #connectivity of these devices allows your phone to modify your alarm time, so that you can get to work on time. Albeit, you are going to have to wake up earlier in this scenario and that is bothersome, but this is just one example of interconnectivity working for your benefit.

IoT is ultimately just that. Designs to make your life easier. The data collected by connected devices allows you to make smarter more informed decisions without having to invest heavily in datamining.

The Future

With each passing day technology is advancing and with each next step forward internet connectivity is always a considered factor. And while we are at the most interconnected point we have been in history, research suggests that we are far from peaking. By analyzing consumer and market data, Statista suggests that we’ll reach 50 billion IoT devices by the end of 2030 (up from 22 billion today)! This means a faster more synergized and efficient society, and CCC will be there to connect you every step of the way.

If you have any questions about IoT, feel free to give us a call!


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