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Armored Core is BACK!

Signal the hype train, this one has mechs on it! FromSoftware’s latest game reveal has some old fans reeling, as one of their oldest IPs is making a dramatic comeback. Get ready for mech combat like you haven’t seen in nearly a decade!


Look guys, I don’t post much on here myself, I like to stick to copyediting, but I was just whining about this game series to the other guys a few weeks ago, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ARMORED CORE FRANCHISE?!” I incorrectly assumed that #FromSoftware’s involvement with #BandaiNamco effectively killed the series (since Bandai has their Gundam series as a direct competitor).

So, let me just say this: I have never been more excited for a game launch since Liam O'Brien sent chills down my spine with his voice over work as Illidan in World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade trailer. And let me tell you this, once again, I AM NOT PREPARED!

Mech games like Armored Core simply do not exist anymore... Armored Core games were both intense and gritty back in the late 90s and the turn of the century.

For those of you unfamiliar with the franchise: Armored Core is traditionally a 3rd person shooter game. You take on the role of the protagonist in the distant future doing some #mercenary work for various clients (often corporations competing for dominance). There have been several reboots and story rebranding over their development period, but the trend remains the same: humanity has been forced underground and the mechs fight on the surface for control of what’s left. The work you are given comes in without bias and can sometimes directly conflict with another mercenary in your agency’s mission. Which at that point, may the best pilot win. I remember forcefully putting down union strikes, eliminating witnesses, and attacking public infrastructure for clients that clearly did not have the public’s best interest at heart.

Mech games like Armored Core simply do not exist anymore (with the exception of Daemon X Machina, which felt like a magic infused love letter to the classic). For gamers who live and breathe customization, the closest you can get to scratching your itch in the #mech world is with one of those mediocre GunPla games which are entirely too childish. Armored Core games were both intense and gritty back in the late 90s and the turn of the century and this upcoming one looks like it's prepared to deliver once again. Early insight from what's been released so far infers that this may be a slight departure from the original genre and be a bit more "Souls-like" and given the studio's success with the Souls franchise, that's not surprising. However, I'm in it for the nostalgia.

#Nostalgia aside, I have so many expectations for this game, that I am terrified that I am hyping the game up too much mentally and that I will only to be disappointed later. However, given their track record, I can confidently say that I have never had more faith in a studio to live up to my expectations than I currently have for FromSoftware. Their work over the last few years with Elden Ring and the #Souls saga has set them up for success; going back to their old IP now is perfect timing and I am thrilled for what they’re going to release.

You will be hearing from me again once this game comes out. Now if only I can convince them to develop another Tenchu game...

Our rating: MUST PLAY!

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