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Updated: Dec 9, 2022

First in a series of gaming reviews, we take a look at Chorus. Which is a weird name for a space game; but, to get an opportunity to fly my spaceship around and be a hero… Why not??


I have a problem. And I would like to help you folks, so that you don't develop the same issue. I purchase games. Games I don't need, games because they are on sale, and games because I actually intend on playing them (disclaimer: I don’t). So, I buy game after game after game and where do they end up? I Put It On The Shelf! Unplayed and forgotten… until now!

I will be pulling a few obscure games that I am playing, have played, or am looking into playing and I am going to give you some honest opinions on them. However, I am not going rate these #games on a 1-10 system because that is incredibly subjective and disingenuous to the developers’ intended audience. Instead, I’m just going to rate them on a: “Don't Play, Give It a Shot, or a Must Play” scale.


What a weird name for a space game. But an opportunity to fly my spaceship around and be a hero… why not?? It comes into better focus after a cutscene at the start, then a couple of nice tutorial missions, and then the game starts to take shape. There are a lot of fun RPG elements; for instance, leveling up your ships components and what not feels great. Also, finding things in a sprawling open #space is fun. The story feels a little forced but not bad and combat is fun and not disorientating. I find with space games sometimes it's hard to find what the heck is happening! But this is smooth and enjoyable.

A nice little rock, paper, scissors game. It is a little odd at first but then once you get the hang of it is EXTREMELY rewarding.

There are some mechanics that once accessible make the space combat hectic and fun. The main mechanic that helps make the game unique can be unlocked after about 20 mins of gameplay. A nice little rock, paper, scissors game. It is a little odd at first but then once you get the hang of it is EXTREMELY rewarding. Getting into a dogfight with some raiders and effectively using your skills to wipe them off the map is immensely satisfying.

I think what really sets this game apart though is the voice acting and the character interactions. The way the game handles internal #dialogue is different and refreshing. Typically, in order for me to play a game, you have to make me care about what's happening. Otherwise, I am just moving around on a map until I get bored… quickly. Chorus does a good job of letting you know every person has a story going on and you can affect most of them. And while some of the side missions can feel a little like fluff encounters… such as, “Hey, go to the store and get milk for me.” some of those seemingly meaningless missions spiral into really good experiences.

This game is easily be played on controller or mouse and keyboard . But the best part is that this game is also on Xbox Game Pass, which means you may have access to it already. So, if you are sitting at home looking for something to play,

Our Rating: Give it a Shot!

What do you think?

  • Must Play!

  • Don't Play...

  • Give it a Shot

If you disagree with our rating, comment below! We’d love to hear your opinions!


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1 comentário

Danielle Villa
Danielle Villa
09 de jul. de 2022

First of all, Chorus is a great name.

Although it may not be a traditional title for intergalactic play, it easily could draw in future space cadets.

First impression of this game were the graphics. Even from a small phone screen, it was easy to get…lost in space. The graphics were, dare I say it, out of this world.

Thanks for reviewing Chorus and giving us a sneak peak into its gameplay!

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