Network Specialist- Mason Ehas

Computer Technician

  • Life isn't complete without RGB LEDs

  • Owns too many Razer products

  • Would ditch real life for Virtual Reality

  • His mind is software

  • Listens to deadmau5 WAY too much

  • Makes computers great again​


Cute - Ellee Reed


  • Sassy beyond her years

  • Looks like Cindy Lou Who

  • Will start working on computers soon

  • Best friends with her cousin

  • Is attached at the hip to "Blue Blanket"


President and Founder - Michael Reed

Computer Technician / Web Designer

  • A human. Being

  • Born at a very young age

  • A man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery

  • Was addicted to hokey pokey but turned himself around

  • Recently gave up Warcraft so his productivity and drinking, have increased dramatically

  • Has not lost his mind – it’s backed up on a hard drive somewhere


Mac, PC, and Phone Repair - Brandon Bielski

The Repairman

  • Mtn. Dew-a-holic

  • Will never stop gaming

  • While doing work makes constant puns, isn't that punny? They are usually this terrible

  • PC Master Race Enthusinadio

  • Regenerated once or twice but he lost count

  • Wants to sword fight everyone


Sales, Marketing - Aaron Dibble

Initiative Officer

  • Knows how to fence

  • Can't do a cartwheel

  • Is online RIGHT NOW!

  • Won't go outside...ever

  • Wears crazy socks

  • Ready to help you


Secretary - Kari Reed


  • Didn't know there was going to be a test to get these funny facts

  • Addicted to Facebook

  • Human Lie Detector

  • Gigi AKA Mama

  • Birthed 3, but raised a multitude

  • Knows enough about computers to forward you to a tech