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Custom Computer Company was a dream thought up in 2008 by Michael Reed and Dakota Harding. As time went on the two went their own ways and Michael met Brandon Bielski on 2011. Since that time the idea has grown and developed until late 2015. Michael started Custom Computer Company as a side job. Every so often enlisting Brandon for help on big jobs. In 2016, Michael made CCC an official LLC. and started working with his friend Matt Vaughn and got the CCC logo and original website. The gears were starting to turn. CCC was running out of Michael's basement in the first half of 2016 and by the second half got moved into a trailer so it was a total mobile computer repair business. The end of 2016 there was a lot of blood sweat and tears because we bought a building and started renovating and moving in. CCC officially opened its doors January 9th, 2017. When that happened we brought on a new member of our team, Jeff Boling, our salesman who got us jobs we never thought existed. After that was Shane Doyle for the night shift. And then Mason Ehas for an extra hand and Saturdays. The end 2017 hit and we went down to just Michael, Brandon, and Mason. Although it's been hard sometimes CCC has been growing, changing, and getting better and looking forward to Shane's return.


Performance Tuning & PC Cleanup​​


What We Do

Spy-ware, Virus, and Adware removal, Registry cleaning, Optimized System performance settings, Automated System Backup, Latest updates for drivers, Bios, and software programs, Microsoft updates