Our History

Custom Computer Company (CCC) was a dream thought up in 2008 by owner Michael Reed and his long-time friend Dakota Harding. At this point in their lives, the dream was never quite realized and as time went on the two ended up going their separate ways.

Michael finally launched Custom Computer Company as a freelance company in 2013. For the next couple years, he worked as a freelance consultant and technician for several residential and a few commercial clients. By 2015, CCC’s workload had grown enough that Michael found it necessary to enlist the help of another technician. As luck would have it, his brother-in-law Brandon Bielski shared an affinity for IT support. 

In 2016, Michael made CCC an official LLC and commissioned the logo and original website from friend and freelance designer Matt Vaughn. The gears were starting to turn. CCC was running out of Michael's basement for the first half of 2016 and by the end of the year, he transitioned the majority of his tools into a trailer to be a totally mobile computer service and repair business.

The end of 2016 brought an immense amount of stress and effort, as it marked the first major purchase of the company’s history: a new building. The new building, located in downtown Niles on 2nd St, introduced a variety of new issues, the most intensive of which was the transfer of equipment to and renovation of the new building. CCC officially opened its doors on January 9th, 2017. The 2nd St location introduced another new member to the team, Jeff Boling, a salesman who brought the company jobs outside their previous service area. Shortly after this expansion, CCC hired two additional technicians, Shane Doyle and Mason Ehas, for extended hours and weekend calls. The arrangement worked for the majority of the year, however, by the end of 2017, some of the technicians accepted positions elsewhere and CCC was left with Michael, Brandon, and Mason.

2018 inflicted the biggest hurdle the company had faced since its inception. Niles faced a historic flood, the worst it had seen in more than 150 years. The computer company was located right in the center of the flood zone and suffered extensive damage to both the building and the store’s inventory, for a combined total loss of nearly $250k. Shortly after the flood, Mason also accepted a new position elsewhere. 

While the losses from the damage looked like a business ending obstacle, Michael persevered with the help of family and friends and, through immense support from Kari Reed, the business reopened 4 months later. In the process of reopening, the 2nd St building got fully remodeled and at the onset of 2019, Dakota Harding—one of the original dreamers of CCC—was brought on as the front deskman. Dakota stuck with the company for the bulk of the year, before moving out of Niles to be closer to home. Shortly after and into the start of 2020 Custom Computer Company moved up the road to the old Bell building on 3rd Street. The community center stayed at the 2nd St location and registered as a 501c3 non-profit. The community center later rebranded as the Niles Impact Community Center (NICC) and began managed by Tyler Thompson.

The new location on 3rd St called for new staffing and Aaron Dibble was hired in to manage the location. Things were running smoothly until April and the onset of the COVID-19 virus which shut down the nation. Traffic to the computer company slowed for a few weeks, but uncharacteristically bounced back stronger than ever. 

Although times have been hard, CCC has and will continue to be committed to growing, changing, and improving as we look toward to our future and yours.